The New Game Rancher


The New Game Rancher is a succinct guide to the complete spectrum of game ranching in South Africa and is illustrated with more than 400 full colour photos, line drawings and illustrations. It is a collection of contributions from zoologists, ecologists, geneticists, veterinarians, academics, conservationists and experienced game ranchers.

The New Game Rancher is ideal for anyone with an interest in game farming, both game ranchers and those associated with or interested in the business.

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Compiling editors: Pamela and Peter Oberem
ISBN: 978-1-920217-62-4
Extent: 384 pages
Format: 240 x 168 mm
Hard cover, full colour throughout

Pamela Oberem is a writer, veterinarian and game rancher since 1994. She spent most of her professional life at Onderstepoort as a researcher on bacterial and viral diseases, and also headed up the vaccine production units of the Foot-and-Mouth laboratory and Onderstepoort Biological Products for a number of years. Pamela is the author of a number of scientific publications, has contributed to chapters in various textbooks on infectious diseases and vaccine production, and has been the author of a number of publications including books on animal health and also schoolbooks on agriculture. She is a regular contributor to the Wildlife Ranching magazine and is a published novelist.

Peter Oberem is a veterinarian and parasitologist by qualification; he is currently the CEO of South Africa’s biggest locally owned animal health company, Afrivet, as well as a game rancher. He has served as Director, President and vice-President of the Wildlife Ranching Association of South Africa over the past seven years, and serves on the SA Veterinary Council. During his tenure as President of the WRSA he spearheaded the move to transform game ranching in SA, and to promote the legal sale of game meat in the country and internationally. He is currently the executive editor of the Wildlife Ranching magazine.


Chapter 1 Introduction to game ranching outlines the history and growth of the game business, and the four pillars of game ranching, namely breeding, ecotourism, hunting and meat production
Chapter 2 Ecosystems and Chapter 3 Game management discuss various general aspects of game farming: veld management, planning, nutrition, predator management and capture of game animals.
Chapter 4 Species accounts deals with the main species farmed by game ranchers: these include large, medium and small antelope, buffalo, zebra, rhino, crocodiles and ostriches, and details the types of management used with each particular group of animals.
Chapter 5 Diseases and parasites deals with diseases, parasites and poisonings of the main game species dealt with in the book.